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Our Expertise

At SCL, we align all our goals around one mission, and that is to drive increased capital, wealth, and assets to our partners, through innovative, long term, and strategic thinking.

Financial Advisory & Consulting

Our executives have extensive experience across various industries this has enabled us to build our services and solutions to fulfill our clients needs. Our advisory comes from our expertise in business strategy, consulting, digital, technology, financial, deal making, and operations which help our clients build their assets from around the world.

Deal Making

The art of deal making leaves many companies in the dark, and unable to fulfill their true potential. Through our expertise, partners, and strategic alignments we are proud of our deal making ability in order to enhance business assets in our fields of interest.

At SCL, we focus on the future. We look to see where the world needs to be, and in turn develop our investment decisions for where we will be tomorrow. Through this philosophy we have a keen focus on the renewable energy sector, blockchain, amongst other up and coming technologies in order to prepare for the demands of tomorrow, today. This forward thinking gives us and our partners the added benefit of potentially higher return on investment, with long term, clear, strategic goals.

Our expert team is there to support, guide, and look thoroughly into any business matter. At SCL arranging credit is just one of the many factors which we may facilitate.

We work thoroughly with emerging markets due to the high potential return on investments, and the ability to fill the gap and further advance nation technologies. With favorable market conditions, and attractive valuations we are strongly linked to investments particularly across Middle East and Africa.

At SCL, we work with ultra high net worth individuals based across MENA and GCC looking for investment opportunities, and strong returns on capital. Whether you are an individual, or a corporate company looking for advisory services for M&A, IPO’s, or other instruments, we have all angles covered to make sure success is the only way forward.

Incorporated under DIFC regulations, our advisory status for financial products, combined with our knowledge across markets allows us to act as a strategic and knowledgeable guide for our trusted clients and partners.