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Founded in 2016, SCL is a specialist in emerging market private equity. Our experienced team is focused around using our knowledge and partner base in order to support equity fund on behalf of leading institutional as well as individual investors. Our industry expertise enables us to provide pivotal roles in the companies we work with, providing an ongoing foundation, support, and knowledge base to help facilitate success. Our core efforts are focused upon our market knowledge in industries that we know technically as well as operationally well in order to provide support, and advisory roles with all the companies as well as individuals we work with. At SCL, we aspire to lead the future for emerging markets across MENA region to have a pivotal role in creating successful companies, and leaders who shape their industries.

Our Expertise

Board of Directors

Sagui Hamed

CEO & Board Member

Wasim Attieh

Board Member

Ali Hashim Sadiq Hashim

Chairman of the Board